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The LR Pilates Studios 

Pilates is great for overcoming back pain, improving posture, creating lean muscle tone and improving your general level of fitness.

Our clients are given their own personalized exercise programs which targets their fitness objectives.
We will guide you through your program to ensure that you are working at a comfortable pace, stay motivated and challenged.

We offer 1-2-1 and  Small Group Pilates sessions 



At LR Pilates Studios we focus on the Classical method of Pilates, which establishes a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the technique, correcting and realigning postural dysfunctions, before progressing to more dynamic movements.

Pilates gives the individual a sense of new found strength and inner support of their whole physical structure. The results you'll get will inspire and empower you to feel confident in day to day life. It may even motivate you with the desire to take up a new sport or activity and continue improve your physical well being.

Pilates exercises focus on balancing and aligning the body. Ordinary people as well as sportsmen and women achieved increased levels of performance with far less injuries when their bodies are well aligned, as do all mechanical structures.

The Lavinia Rouse Pilates Studio is a quiet space where you can let go of the pressures life and excercise at your own pace. At the end of you session we aim is to leave you with a sense of physical power and mental rejuvenation after each session.

LR Pilates Studios

Lavinia Rouse
07956 506 584

Templeton House
Upper Ground Floor
33-34 Chiswell Street