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LR Pilates Studios

To ensure that  clients have a smooth transition into the Group Sessions we encourage you to complete a Pilates Induction followed by at least one 1 on 1 session before attending a Group Class. 
If you would like any additional 1 on 1 sessions, this can also be arranged.

Pilates Induction 60mins
  • Posture Analysis
    Health Overview
  • Outline your personal Pilates Program
  • Identifying your personal goals
  •  Basic principle of Pilates



If you have an injury or a particular pathology e.g lower back pain, then the Induction will enable us to gain information to help us design a personalised and effective Pilates program.


Small Group Sessions 60mins
Classic Pilates Class
Small Group classes have of up to 4 people per session.
Client programs are tailored to fulfil their personal fitness objectives.
This classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and ages. 

1 -2- 1  Pilates Session 60mins
These are one client, one instructor sessions. Clients are required to complete an Induction before commencing with a 1-2-1 classes.